1. Who in CPA Ireland shall I contact in order to commence the process to become a member of CPA Ireland?

The contact details of the relevant person are listed below:
Name: Lisa Kelly
E-mail address: lkelly@cpaireland.ie
Telephone: ** 353 1 425 1024

2. What exemptions fees are payable to CPA Ireland?
There are no exemption fees payable to CPA Ireland.

3. What are the total fees payable to CPA Ireland as part of the process to become a member of the Institute availing of the mutual recognition agreement?
The fees payable to CPA Ireland fall into three main categories and are shown below:
  Type of Fee Amount When it is payable
1. Fees for the on-line courses which include the on-line tests in:
Overview of Irish Taxation

Overview of Irish Law

These fees are payable at the point of registration for these courses.
2. Fee for the paper based CPA Ireland examination in Advanced Corporate Reporting €95 This fee is payable when the examination entry periods are open on-line through the CPA Ireland website.
For the April diet of examinations – the fee is payable in the preceding February or March.
For the August diet of examinations  - this fee is payable in the preceding July.
3. Membership Registration Fee €200 Payable having passed the examinations at 1 and 2 above and at the point of applying for membership of CPA Ireland.
  Total Fees Payable to CPA Ireland €545  
Where the services of a tuition provider are used to prepare for the Advanced Corporate Reporting examination fees are payable directly to the tuition provider.

4. Where can I can I obtain study support to prepare for the CPA Ireland Advanced Corporate Reporting examination?
Two CPA Ireland approved educators provide e- learning classes to support candidates preparing for the Advanced Corporate Reporting examination. These are:
StudyOnline.ie Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland, and
Griffith College, South Circular Road, Dublin 8, Ireland.
Details of tuition fees are available directly from the approved educators.
Additionally, CPA Ireland provides, free of charge, through its website a comprehensive range of study supports. These may be accessed here.

5. Where can ICMA Pakistan members appear in / sit the on-line tests in the Overview of Irish Tax and the Overview of Irish Law Overview?
These courses and tests can be undertaken on-line anywhere, at any time, provided the user has internet access and sufficient bandwidth. They are neither location nor time dependent.

6. Where can ICMA Pakistan members appear in / sit the CPA Ireland examination in Advanced Corporate Reporting?
CPA Ireland and ICMA Pakistan will co-operate to provide a suitable examination venue in Pakistan. ICMA Pakistan members are also welcome to use the other examination centres provided by CPA Ireland.

7. What documents do I need to provide to CPA Ireland when registering?
Initially you will need to complete a registration form which may be accessed here
Once you have successfully completed and passed the CPA Ireland tests in Irish Tax, Irish Law, and Advanced Corporate Reporting you will then be able to commence the admission to membership process.  

Step 1 of this process will be to complete the on-line application form which may be accessed here 

Step 2 will be to send via e-mail two written references, a letter of good-standing from ICMA Pakistan and a copy of your driving licence/passport to Milena Delany at mdelany@cpaireland.ie or post to CPA, 17 Harcourt St., Dublin 2, D02 W963, Ireland.