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Human Resources

Managing Redundancies 

The following webinar is presented by Derek McKay from Adare Human Resource Management. In it, he discusses the difficult task of managing redundancies and reducing the risk to your business.

Email, Internet and Social Media 

Derek McKay discusses the use of email, internet and social media in the work place and how best to manage them to reduce risk to the employer. In this webinar, Derek advises on the best practice and policies employers can use to monitor employee usage of such systems.

CPA Ireland's Guide to Managing Human Resources

Performance Management

In this webinar, Deirdre McConville from Adare Human Resource Management talks about performance management in the workplace and how it can be used to develop the performance of individuals and teams as a whole.

Recruitment and Selection

Deirdre McConville highlights the best methods for attracting and recruiting the most suitable candidates for the role in your company. In this informative webinar, she discusses the Employment Equality Acts and making your business an employer of choice within the market place.

Contracts of Employment

Derek McKay highlights the requirements for employers under contracts of employment in this webinar, including the different types of contracts, such as those for agency, full time and part time employees.

Statutory Leave

Continuing on the employment topic, Derek McKay talks about the different types of leave employees are entitled to, including maternity, parental, adoptive and carer’s leave and what obligations and legalities employers must adhere to.


Derek McKay highlights the relevant legislation regarding dismissals in the work place and the best practice and risks employers must be aware of.

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

A happy work environment is key to a happy workforce. In this webinar, Derek McKay talks about the obligations on both employers and employees concerning bullying and harassment in the workplace and discusses the legislation in place to protect all parties.