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Fast Track to CPA with Studyonline.ie

StudyOnline.ie offers a fast track progamme online for ATI graduates. This programme provides supported eLearning to enable you to sit F2 Information Systems in the August exam sitting. This allows you to begin the Professional 1 stage from September meaning you will shorten the time to attain the CPA Ireland qualification.


  • Exemptions are normally granted to ATI students for Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Taxation at CPA F2 level.
  • The Fast Track programme enables the student to complete the remaining subject at F2 and sit CPA exams at the end of August;
  • Sit Information Systems and progress to Professional 1 stage during the same academic year.

Students are examined on this subject in August and are eligible for P1 registration immediately, saving them an academic year at F2 stage. 


The programme is available to enrol now. 

  • Enrol now and sit your first CPA exam in August.
  • The programme runs fully online with full online tutor support, notes and assignments available to students. The course operates on a continuous intake basis which means you can start anytime and begin preparations for your CPA exams! 


  • Course fee: please see StudyOnline.ie for more details
  • Early Bird Fee: Limited time offer of € 225 for F2 Information Systems. Order online on StudyOnline.ie website.

Why do CPA Fast Track with Studyonline.ie?

  • Subjects are delivered online enabling a more flexible lecture and study schedule
  • Tutor support: lecturers are available throughout the course to offer full student support answering any technical, study and exam related questions.
  • StudyOnline.ie is a CPA Ireland Gold Star Educator.

How to register:

You will need to register with Studyonline.ie and with CPA Ireland:

  • Step 1:
    Register with Studyonline.ie here. Please contact Magda on 01 901 2016 or magda@studyonline.ie if you have any questions.
  • Step 2:
    Please send a scanned copy of your ATI transcripts to hello@cpaireland.ie. Additional details for registration will be supplied on receipt. 

Find Out More

For more information contact Magda or visit www.studyonline.ie/ati  or www.studyonline.ie/cpa

Phone: 01 901 2016

Email: magda@studyonline.ie