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Registration FAQs

Will I be entitled to exemptions from some CPA exams?

Yes. Students who have a previous qualification should be entitled to some exemptions. Previous qualifications may include masters, degree (both relevant and non relevant), post grad in business, certificate, diploma, accounting technician exams other professional qualifications.

The more relevant the qualification, the more exemptions likely to be granted. Prior to registration a student will need to submit their transcripts from their previous qualifications in order to confirm what exemptions they are entitled to. CPA will check exemptions based on a fax or email copy of transcripts, however original transcripts must be sent to the Institute when you register as a CPA student. Transcripts can be assessed for exemptions at any time during the year. There is no charge for this service.

What fees must I pay?

Fees fall into two categories. Firstly, fees that you must pay to CPA Ireland and secondly, fees that are paid to your chosen approved educator. The latter are paid directly to the educator you are attending and the educator will provide details of those fees.

Fees to CPA Ireland include an annual subscription of €128. If you are entitled to exemptions your exemption fees will be as follows:

Exemption Fees Per Subject - All Subjects Formation 1 €45 per subject, Formation 2 €45 per subject, Professional 1 €60 per subject , Professional 2 €75 per subject.

Please double check all payment details supplied. Incorrect amounts and laser/credit card details can delay registration and result in you missing important exam deadlines.

Please note that exemption fees are capped at a maximum of €455.

What documents should I send in with my registration form?


  • 2 passport sized photographs (signed on the back)
  • A completed student recommendation form.
  • If you have a past qualification and are applying for exemptions you must send in original transcripts relating to that qualification.

Or if you are not applying for exemptions and wish to study CPA as a Mature student or as a school leaver:

  • If you are a mature student (23 or over) you must include either your original birth cert, your passport or your drivers licence.
  • If you are a school leaver (under 23 with no other qualifications) you must send in your original leaving certificate results.

All your original documentation will be sent back to you by CPA within 4 weeks.

Who can sign off on the student recommendation form?

The student recommendation form can be signed either by a professionally qualified accountant (CPA, ACCA, ICAI,CIMA), your employer (full time or part time work), a course tutor (past lecturer or current educator) or your local police station.

Please note completion of this form is very important. Your registration will not be processed without it.

Who is considered a mature student?

A mature student is someone who is 23 years or older with no previous qualifications.

Who is considered a school leaver?

A school leaver is someone who has sat their leaving certificate and who is under 23 years of age. Find out more about studying CPA as a school leaver.

What photographs are required?

Two official colour passport photos, signed on the back.