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Have you been to college and now want to make the move into the world of accountancy? Graduates from related degrees, such as accountancy, business or finance, can avail of generous exemptions when studying CPA. Non relevant degree holders are also eligible and depending on the degree, may be entitled to exemptions.


Holders of recognised qualifications (post grad, honours degree, ordinary degree, diploma, certificate, accounting technician etc.) may be entitled to various exemptions from the CPA exams.

The CPA programme comprises 15 exams, made up of a formation level and a professional level, and a fully integrated practical experience requirement. Your entry point into CPA will be determined by an individual assessment of your prior education and experience.

All exemptions are granted a subject-for-subject basis to applicants holding a qualification recognised by CPA Ireland for exemption purposes. A pass mark must have been achieved in the assessment of the relevant subject. Passes by compensation are not eligible. 

Find out More

Find out what exemptions you are entitled to: phone 01 425 1000, or email Adam O Reilly at aoreilly@cpaireland.ie

Why CPA?

  • CPA Ireland is one of the leading Irish accountancy bodies, with 5,000 members and students worldwide.
  • We provide flexible study options including part-time, weekend and e-learning in approved educators around the country. 

  • We have over 160 employers in our Approved Employer Programme, including companies like Microsoft, Dell Ireland, Apple, EMC, HedgeServ and Glanbia. 

  • CPA Ireland has international agreements with accountancy bodies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and India, so our members’ qualifications travel with them.

  • CPA Ireland is one of the first accountancy bodies in Europe on track to achieve gender parity. 
  • CPA Ireland was the first accountancy body to introduce mandatory Continuing Professional Development, to ensure our members are always at the peak of their profession.

  • Over 1 million qualified accountants worldwide classify themselves as CPAs