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Syllabus & Exams


April 2017 Examination Results
The results for April 2017 examinations are available on-line from 10.00am on Friday 9 June. Candidates may view their examinations results via their MyCPA Student Profile which may be accessed by 
clicking here.

A mark of 50 or higher is necessary to pass each subject. The Examination Regulations contain details of the number of sittings available to students to pass the Institute's examinations. It is important that you read and understand these regulations. They are published on the CPA website and may be 
accessed here.

Examination Re-check
Should a candidate be unsatisfied with any mark in a particular subject(s), they may apply for a re-check in that subject(s).  Please note the fee for a re-check is €60 per subject and all applications must be received no later than 5.00pm on Friday 23 June.  A re-check application form can be found 

Candidates should note that the re-check process does not provide a detailed synopsis on candidates performance in the examination and will only provide a brief summary outlining the main area(s) of weakness in their examination performance.  Please note that this process can take up to 6 weeks.


P2 Strategy & Leadership: Case Study for 2017 Examinations

The Case Study for the 2017 examinations will focus on the Leisure and Fitness Centre sector in Ireland.  Users of the sector’s services frequently simply refer to it as “the Gym”.  People in Ireland have become more health aware - and body image conscious – which has led to the increasing importance of the sector over the past twenty years. 

Students should be aware of the issues that may arise when developing strategy and business plans for Leisure and Fitness Centres.  The case studies may deal with firms that operate a chain of Leisure and Fitness Centres, Leisure and Fitness Centres that are run as part of hotels, or public Leisure and Fitness Centres that are operated by local authorities.

Students should carry out their own research and analysis of both the Leisure and Fitness Centre sector and the external macro-environment in advance of the examination.  The research should equip students to focus during the exam on addressing the specifics of the case study in the context of the organisation’s operating environment.  There are many potential sources of information including college libraries and business electronic databases, quality newspapers, the websites of existing competitors in the sector and relevant industry associations.

Each case study presented in the 2017 examination papers will include background information on the firm at the centre of the study.  This may include, for example, an outline of how the firm has developed, including the role of key management; the decisions facing the firm; current strategies; performance data; customer information, etc.

The main case study requirements are likely to expect students to:

a)    Critically analyse the strategic position of the firm using appropriate analytical models   (34 marks)

b)    Assess the key issues facing the firm and evaluate the firm’s options to address such  issues (8 marks), and

c)    Make recommendations to ensure the best way forward for the firm (8 marks).


Syllabus of Examination 2016/2017

The CPA Ireland 2016/2017 Syllabus is now available. This is an important document which details the learning outcome associated with each module in addition to the recommended reading. Please click here to download your copy today.

Significant Changes in the Institute's Examination Process

The Institute is pleased to announce that the modular system of examinations has been extended across all stages commencing from the 2013 examinations onwards.  Prior to this the modular system was confined to the Professional Stage examinations only.

All Formation 1, Formation 2, Professional 1 and Professional 2 examinations may now be taken on a modular basis and students may sit the examinations in the subjects at a stage in any order. However, all four examinations at each stage must still be passed within the four available consecutive sittings - inclusive of the first attempted sitting of any subject at this stage.

Formation 2/Professional 1 - Combined Examination Sitting

Please click here for information on the criteria for combining subjects at Formation 2 and Professional 1 stages. 

Study and Examination Techniques Guide

Please click here to view the Study and Examinations Techniques Guide which provides guidance on on how to prepare for and approach examination questions.

CPA Pass Rates
CPA Pass Rates for the years' 2009 to 2015 can be found here.