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Approach to P2 Examinations

Articles on the Approach to Professional 2 Stage Examinations
These articles are in a series of five, written as a resource for lecturers and candidates for Professional 2 examinations.  The series has as its goal the improvement of examination pass rates at the Professional 2 stage.  Each of the articles in this series can be used individually but are most beneficial if used collectively.  Candidates and lecturers are advised to review all of the articles to obtain maximum benefit.  While there is some overlap between the articles every attempt has been made to minimise this overlap whilst striving to achieve a consistency of terminology and key requirements throughout.

How to approach the Professional 2 Stage Examinations - The "10 P's" Approach 
by William Meaney, August 2011. 

Understanding the Skills Required to be Successful in Case-Based Examinations  
by William Meaney, August 2011.

Reading the Rubrics for Exam Success - How to Maximise your Exam Performance  
by William Meaney, August 2011.

Solving and Dealing with Problems in Examinations
by Dr. Garvan Whelan and Simon Magennis, FCA, August 2011.

The Presentation Skills Necessary to Achieve a First-Time Pass
by William Meaney, August 2011.