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F2 Management Accounting Articles

IAS 2 - Inventories
by Conor Foley, B.Comm, MAcc., FCA, Dip IFR, December 2015.

Cost Behaviour 
Gareth John has recently published an article for PQ Magazine on the concept of cost behaviours. August 2015

Variance Accounting
Dr. Philip E. Dunn has published a short multiple choice assessment for PQ Magazine on standard costing and variance analysis for students to test their knowledge. July 2015

Cashflow Forecasts

Gareth John from PQ Magazine has published an article on Cashflow Forecasts. June 2015

Short Term Decision Making
by Rosemary Kelly, PhD, FCA, MBS, Dip Acc, Examiner, F2 Management Accounting, November 2014.

Mary Ofili has published the a three part series of articles for PQ Magazine on Standard Costing in 2014:

Standard Costing (Part 1)

Standard Costing (Part 2)


Standard Costing (Part 3)


Process Costing
by Rosemary Kelly, PhD, FCA, MBS, Dip Acc, Examiner, F2 Management Accounting, January 2014.


Cost Volume Profit (CVP) Analysis
by Rosemary Kelly, PhD, FCA, MBS, Dip Acc, Examiner, F2 Management Accounting, March 2013.


Understanding Variance Analysis
by Dr. Helen Gately O'Brien B.Comm; MAcc; FCA, Current Examiner, February 2012.


Absorption Costing v Marginal Costing
by Richie Hoare, Examiner, February 2011.


Standard Costing
by Bernard Vallely, FCCA, MBA, P1 Managerial Finance Examiner, November 2010


Total Quality Management and its' implications for Mangement Accountants.
by Chris O'Riordan ACA MBA, Lecturer in Accounting, Waterford I.T.


Stock Valuations using FIFO.  Maximising profit where there is a Limiting Factor
by Neil Hayden, Examiner


Cash Budgets & Related Topics 
by Neil Hayden, Examiner