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Taxation Articles


Brexit - Indirect Tax Update (June)

PAYE Modernisation - Risks, Challenges and Planning (June)

Taxation News (March)

Essential Guide to Claiming Capital Allowances for Property Expenditure (March)

What does US Tax reform mean for Ireland (March)



Finance Bill 2017 (December)

Taxation News (September)

EU Tax Reform and its Impact on Ireland (September)

Taxation News (June)

Interacting with Revenue - Audits and Interventions (June)

Tax Considerations for a Start Up Business that Advisors need to focus on (June)

Taxation News (March)

Tax Implications of the Personal Insolvency Act ( March)

Deadline for Making Disclosures of Foreign Income and Assets (March)



Budget 2017/Finance Bill 2016 (December)

Taxation News (September)

VAT Fraud and the need for Due Diligence checks by Business (September)

Taxation News (June)

Succession Planning (June)

New Tax Appeals Process and Settlement Opportunity for Taxpayers (June)

Revenue Audits - the Year Ahead (June)

Taxation News (March)

Finance Act 2015 - Key Changes (March)

Current VAT Issues (March)


Revenue Commissioners - e-auditing techniques (June)

Topical Developments in Farm Taxation (June)

Finance Act 2014 and FRS 102: the impact of the transitional provisions of Schedule 17A TCA 1997 (March)

Top Tips - Updates on Tax in 2015 (March)


Finance Bill 2014 (December)

MOSS - What do you need to know in advance of 1 January 2015 (December)

Accounting Rules & Taxation - FRS 102 (September)

How to Prepare for a Revenue Audit (September)

Tax Planning and Pensions (June)

The Begley Dilemma (March)


Tax-based Incentives for Setting up in Business (March)


Budget 2014 - The Main Measures (December)

Employment and investment Incentive (December)

Research & Development tax credits (September)

We have come a long way - but Revenue would like us to travel further (September)

VAT Package Rule - Place of Supply of Services

Finance Act 2013

Small Business - Ten Points!

Tax cost of repaying personal debt


Budget 2013 (December)

How to Avoid a Revenue Order (December)

Finance Act 2011: Form 11 Issues (June)

R&D Tax Credits (June)

Powers of Attachment (March)

VAT on Property (March)

Finance Bill (March)


Civil Partnership Co-Habitants and Married Couples (December)

Employed vs Self Employed (December)

Farm Transfer Taxes: 2011 A Window of Opportunity (September)

Pensions in a Changing World (September)

Ireland's Tax Regime for Investing in Intellectual Property (June)

Employment and Investment Incentives Scheme (June)

Finance Act 2010 Form 11 Issues (June)

Are You Prepared for Mandatory Disclosure? (March)

Code of Practice for Revenue Audit 2010 (March)

The Budget vs The Four Year Plan (March)


Civil Partnership Bill Tax Implications (December)

Tax Traps Associated with Marital Breakdown (December)

VAT Changes in 2010 (September)

Business Expansion Scheme (June)

Finance Act 2010 (June)

Succession Planning from a Tax Perspective (June)

Improving Cash Flow (March)

Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) (March)

R&D Tax Credit from a Tax Perspective (March)


CGT (December)

Direct Tax Matters (December)

Retirement Relief (September)

VAT on Property - Part 2 (September)

VAT on Property - Part 1 (June)

CGT (June)

Advising Clients in 'Post Tiger' Days (March)

Winding up business, What are the Tax Implications of Liquidating Ireland Inc? (March)


Finance No. 2 Bill 2008 (December)

Transactions - Tax & Company Law (September)

Relevant Contracts Tax (September)

CAT Planning - Selected Reliefs and Traps (June)


Finance Bill 2007 (as initiated) (March)


Group Restructurings (June)

Anti-Avoidance - Restrictions in Tax Planning (March)


Investing in Foreign Property (March)


Budget Summary 2005 (December)

VAT - One Stop System (September)

VAT Invoicing (March)


PAYE and PRSI (December)