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Law & Regulation


Law & Regulation News (June)

Risk Minimisation Strategies for Accountants and Auditors - Being Claim Aware (June)

Workplace Investigations - How Easy It Is To Get It Wrong (June)

GDPR - Debunking some Myths (June)

Law & Regulation News (March)

Brexit and its Potential Impact on Commercial Contracts (March)

Preparing for the GDPR - the 'Final Straight' (March)

Monitoring Group Consultation Paper for Strengthening the Governance and Oversight of the International Audit-related Standard-setting Boards in the Public Interest (March)



Law & Regulations News (December)

Mergers under the Companies Act 2014 (December)

Not the way to do Business Class! (December)

Law & Regulations News (September)

Social Media in the Workplace (September)

Non-filing structures - extinct or on the verge? (September)

GDPR - the time to prepare is now (September)

The Protected Disclosures Act - What Employers Need to Know (June)

Law & Regulation News (March)

Twenty Questions on the new Beneficial Ownership Register (March)



Law & Regulations News (December)

The Fundamentals of Data Protection (December)

Law & Regulation News (September)

The Summary Approval Procedure (September)

Social Media and Technology in the Workplace - policies and pitfalls (June)

Companies Act 2014 - Do I really have to convert? (June)

Law & Regulation News (March)

Directors' Compliance Statements (March)

Are Ethics Relevant to the Practice of Professional Accounting? (March)


Impact of the Companies Act 2014 on the Annual Report and Statutory Financial Statements  (December)

New Regulations for Credit Unions (December)

The Changing Landscape of Irish Employment Law (December)

Impact of the Companies Act 2014 on the Annual Report and Statutory Financial Statements (September)

Accounting for Charities - The Companies Act 2014 & the Charities Regulator (September)

Unfair Dismissals - what employers need to know? (June)

Companies Act 2014 - changes to Insolvency procedures (June)

The Companies Act 2014: 20 things that every CPA should know (March)

Update on Data Protection (March)


A Whistle-Stop Tour of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 (December)

Be Prepared: Transitioning Existing Companies in Compliance with the Companies Bill 2012 (December)

Charities Act in Action (December)

Who Would be A Liquidator? (September)

How do you Meet? Company Meeting Rules (September)

Introducing the New Framework for Charity Accounting and Reporting from 2015 (September)

Offences under the Companies Bill - Liability for Officers (June)

Charities Regulation - Recent Developments and Next Steps (June)

Section 60 Financial Assistance & Anglo - Does it just apply to bankers? (June)

Companies bill 2012: Directors’ Duties (March)


The Personal Insolvency Act 2012 – Up and Running (March)



Some Recent Corporate  Governance Reports (December)

SME Lifeline (December)

Working proprietary directors classification for social insurance purposes

The changing state age for pension, contractual retirement ages and the impact on employers

Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and accountancy partnerships

The Companies Bill - What do we need to do first? (June 2013)

The Role of the Personal Insolvency Practitioner (June 2013)

Misuse of Social Media, Emails and Technology (June 2013)

Financial Statements and Audit - The New Regime Proposed by the Companies Bill 2012 (March 2013)

Fraud Prevention (March)

Transforming the Practice of Examinership (March)

Charity sector taking a lead in Governance (March)


Amended Code on Harassment and Sexual Harassment at Work  (December)

Mediation is The New Reality  (December)

Credit Union Bill  (December)

The Changing Forums for Employment Disputes - Impact on Employers (September)

Personal Insolvency Bill (June)

Liquidator Reporting (June)

Criminal Justice Act (March)

Consumer Protection Code (March)

Commercial Lease Guarantees (March)


Multi Unit Developments Act 2011 - The Legal Aspects (December)

Ireland Implements Mediation Directive (September)

Debt Collection "Best Practice" (September)

Draft Companies Bill (September)

Personal Insolvency (June)

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights (June)

Corporate Governance Update (March)

Company Law Update (March)


Ethics for Accountants (December)

Holding a Lien over Client Books (December)

Update on Bankruptcy Law (December)

Anti Money Laundering (AML) (September)

Arbitration Act 2010 (June)

Recovery & the Role of the Director (June)

Guide to Redundancy (March)

ODCE Update (March)


Employment Law Issues (December)

Principal Insolvency Processes (December)

Charities Act 2009 (September)

Ethics (June)

Liquidation, the death knell for business... what are the alternatives?(March)


Alternative Dispute Resolution (December)

Mutual Assistance Law (December)

Employee Surveillance and Data Protection (September)

Role of the Accountant in Relation to Anti Money Laundering Legislation (June)

Company Directors - your responsibilities when faced with insolvencies (March) 


Creditors' Meetings for Insolvent Liquidations

Directors' Compliance Statements (March)


Changes in Employment Law (December)

The Restriction of Directors (December)

Data Protection and Professional Firms (September)

Debt Recovery (June)

The Companies (Auditing & Accounting) Act 2003 (March)

Implications of IFSRA for the Accountancy Profession (March)


Insolvencies and the ODCE (December) 


Roles and Powers of the new Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (June)


Striking off the Companies Register (June)

How the Investigation and Disciplinary system works (March)