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In Practice


In Practice News (June)

The succession story of one family business (June)

In Practice News (March)

Global trends affecting Practitioners (March)



In Practice News (December)

All Change - a New Auditing Framework for Ireland (December) 

In Practice News (September)

Nursing Homes Support Scheme (September)

In Practice News (June)

Diversify or face the consequences! (June)

In Practice News (March)

Succession Planning for Practitioners (March)



In Practice News (December)

Advising clients on how to deal with Vulture Funds (December)

The Importance of Fundamentals when Advising SME Business and Individual Clients (December)

In Practice News (September)

Going into Practice (September)

Audit's Changing Landscape (September)

In Practice News (June)

Practitioner's Blog: Embracing Change (June)

Audit Risk in the Modern Charity (June)

The Auditor and Fraud (March)

Practice Management in the Future (March)

Future of Audit and Assurance (March)



Preparing Your Practice for Sale (June)

Risk Manangement and how to Avoid Claims before they arise (March)


Regulated Entities and the Unique Assignment Challenges (December)

Consistency and Quality in Audit (December)

Impact of FRS 102 on your Audit work (September)

From Bust to Boom: are you ready for the brave new world of Business? (September)

Audit Reform: New EU Rules (June)

Managing your Audit Exempt Clients (June)

Alternative Sources of Income for a Practice (March)

Setting up in Practice (March)


Social Media Marketing may be the key to Practice Profitability (December)

Audit of Owners' Management Companies (December)

Valuing an accounting practice (September)

Auditing credit union financial statements in 2013: Some matters to consider (September)

7 "No Brainers" for Practice Efficiencies and Effectiveness (June)

Will the European debate on audit policy find way forward under the Irish Presidency?

Assuring Quality


Paperless Audit (December)

Independent Long Term Mortgage Forebearance Advisory Service (December)

Helping SMPs Meet the Challenges and Seize the Opportunities of Tomorrow (June)

Debt Collection (June)

Knowing How and When to Renegotiate Fees (March)

Audit White Paper (March)

Practice Management (March)


Valuing Assets (December)

Networking for Practitioners (December)

The Role of SMPs in Greening Small Business (December)

How to Make Your Small Business a Big Success (September)

Anti Money Laundering (AML) for Accountants (September)

CPA SMP/SME Committee (September)

Incorporation of an Audit Practice (June)

The Future of Audit (June)

Auditing Property Management Companies (June)

In Practice Update (March)

Adding Value Through Communicating (March)


Starting Out! Practical Steps to Setting up in Practice! (December)

A Regulatory Guide to Going into Practice (December)

The Future of Self Regulation for Auditors and Accountants (September)

Post Recession Tactics for Attracting New Clients (September)

Statutory Audit Directive (September)

IFAC's Small & Medium Practices (SMP) Committee (June)

Cost-effective ISA Application (March)

Merging Accountancy Practices (March)

Guidance on Smaller Entity Audit Documentation (March)


Buying or Selling an Accounting Firm (December)

Forensic Accounting & Computer Forensics (September)

ISA-IAASB Clarity Project (September)

Planning an Audit Assignment (June)

Challenging Times (June)

Auditing in an Economic Downturn (March)


What Clients Want (December)

Mitigating Engagement Risks (December)

Can Accountants Aspire to be Ethical Heroes (September)

Marketing Makes Perfect Practice (June)


CPA Practice Profile - The Quintas Group (March)


SSIAs - The Story Continues (June)


Impact of APB Ethical Standards on Small Audits (June)

How to be a Strategic Adviser to an SME - part 2 (March)


How to be a Strategic Adviser to an SME - part 1 (December)

Buying & Selling a Practice (September)

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The Companies (Auditing & Accounting) Act 2003 (March)


Value Added Services - Is That What Clients Really Want? (December)

Using Company Secretarial Software in a Busy Accountancy Practice (March)