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Income Protection

Protect Your Income - Exclusive Offer for CPAs 

CPA is delighted to announce the new and exclusive CPA Income Protection Scheme brought to you in association with JDM Financial Services through New Ireland Assurance.   

This scheme is the most competitive available in the Irish market. To celebrate the launch of the CPA Income Protection Scheme, CPA Members can now avail of 3 months free cover*, when they take out an Income Protection Scheme with JDM. Talk to Justin O'Gorman, in JDM, for full details on 01 2988266. 

JDM Insurance on Income Protection.

What is Income Protection? 

Income protection is a simple policy that provides you with an alternative source of income if you are unfortunate enough to be out of work because of any illness or injury. 
This monthly income can be used to help pay bills and living expenses until you recover and are ready to return to work. 
Click here to view an information sheet on “Income Protection at a Glance for CPA Members”. 
“85% of the Irish workforce don’t have any form of income protection and will be relying on their employer and the State to continue paying them if they are too ill to work. Lots of employers don’t provide any form of sick pay and for those who do, the majority will only pay you for six months.” New Ireland Assurance

What are the benefits of the CPA Income Protection Scheme?

The CPA Income Protection Scheme is the most competitive Income Protection Scheme in the Irish Market and offers Members a host of benefits including:
  • Affordable Cover 
    Through this exclusive CPA Income Protection Scheme a typical Income Protection Policy for an Accountant, aged 35, Non-Smoker, Normal Retirement Age 60, 3 months sick pay from your employer, providing a yearly gross income of €20,000.  Assuming a clean bill of health.
Male premium - Gross monthly repayments €36.46, 
For taxpayer at 41% - €21.51, 
For taxpayer at 20% - €29.17
Female premium - Gross monthly repayments €53.24, 
For taxpayer at 41% - €31.41, 
For taxpayer at 20% - €42.59 
  • Confirmed Income Option 
    The policyholder can confirm at the point of sale the income amount that will be used to calculate their benefit. This means that a reduction in customers’ income during the term will not reduce their benefit. New Ireland is the only provider to offer this feature, and this benefit is even more valuable in the current economic climate where earnings, especially for the self employed, are fluctuating. 

  • Guarantee to Commence Claims on Time 
    New Ireland is the only provider to guarantee to commence claims on time irrespective of whether all medical evidence is in place to validate the claim. 

  • Hospital Cash 
    Based on an average benefit of €30,000, the policyholder will get €84 for each day spent in hospital after the 7th day. New Ireland provides this benefit as standard where other providers charge for it. 

  • Back to Work Benefit 
    New Ireland will continue to pay a benefit to the policyholder when they return to work for the first two months to help ease the financial burden of having to buy a new suit, train ticket etc.

  • Flexibility 
    With New Ireland you can increase the benefit by up to 20% every 3rd anniversary without medical evidence. With other providers, it is necessary to take out a new policy to increase the benefit, and you will also need to be medically assessed again.

  • No Hidden Exclusions
    At time of claim New Ireland will not refuse to pay out a claim on the basis of the injury occurring due to certain standard exclusions, such as alcohol abuse. Typically providers have the following standard exclusions, Intentional self-injury or the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

What does this mean to me if I Already Have Income Protection?

 The CPA Income Protection Scheme is the most competitive scheme on the Irish market. If you already have an Income Protection Scheme in place it might be worth reviewing your policy against what is offered through the CPA Income Protection Scheme to ensure you are getting the best cover at the best price.  

How Do I Avail of the CPA Income Protection Scheme?

Contact JDM.
Tel: 01-2988266

*3 Months Free Cover will be reimbursed to the policy holder after 12 months premium have been paid. Terms and conditions apply.  Benefits are subject to underwriting and acceptance. JDM Financial Services is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.