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CPA Conferring 2014

More than 100 new members have been conferred by Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA Ireland) at a graduation ceremony which took place in Croke Park, Dublin. 

Demonstrating the continued reliability of accountancy in terms of employment prospect, 96% of the newly qualified CPA’s are currently in employment. Public practise is the largest sector in which conferees are employed at 38%, followed by 14% working in the services sector, 12% working in financial services and 11% working for professional services firms.

Conferees were addressed by Deirdre McDonnell, Business Development Director of CPA Ireland who spoke about the extensive opportunities afforded to CPA’s as a result of the practical and comprehensive nature of the training and the international recognition of a CPA qualification. Speaking about the prospects for graduates, McDonnell said, “There will always be a demand for professionally trained accountants with a reputable qualification in practice, multinationals, SMEs and financial services, so these conferees can look forward to diverse and rewarding career paths. Qualified CPAs are very much sought after at home and also abroad, as a CPA designation is widely recognised.”

65% of the CPA Class of 2014 are less than 35 years of age, and 67% of conferees are female.