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CPA Ireland Branding and Logos

CPA Ireland’s Brand Identity

As CPA Ireland evolves, it is important that our brand remains fresh, relevant and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of a dynamic, changing market place. 

CPA Ireland is growing in its global reach. It is collaborating with peer bodies around the world and engaged in international development projects. CPA members are working in 40 countries. CPA Ireland is growing too in terms of its service offering as it continues to innovate in member and student service delivery.

In developing our logo change in 2013, CPA Ireland worked closely with branding experts to talk about what our brand said about us, and what we wanted it to say in the light of our strategic challenge. We had lots of conversations with members, partners and our staff. We took all these findings and concentrated all our ideas into a set of core values that we want to live by.

The new logo has been designed to reflect a sense of change while reminding us to remain true to the core values of the CPA Ireland brand - Openness, Assurance and Progression. CPA Ireland opens a wide range of business opportunities for students, members and employers. It assures students and members of an internationally recognised qualification and employers of a progressive, pragmatic individual capable of making a broad contribution to their business. Using the CPA Ireland identifier allows us to trade on our sense of Irishness, while placing us firmly on the International stage.

About these Guidelines

These guidelines are a toolkit to help you use the CPA brand correctly and consistently. A brand portrays a positive and consistent personality and image. A logo plays a big part in this and it is important to have clear guidelines on logo dimension, placement and usage.

Who are these guidelines for?

These guidelines are intended for use by any persons entitled to use the CPA Member Firm logo.

Please check with your professional contractors ( printers, designers, signmakers) as to which is the appropriate for use. The CPA Ireland Identity Guidelines Version 1.0 contains all the technical information they will need to know about correct use and implementation.

CPA Member Firm logos are available in both jpegs and eps formats and can be accessed here.

Any queries you may have in relation to guidelines or implementation should be addressed to CPA Marketing.

Download the CPA Ireland Identity Guidelines Version 1.0.

Download the CPA Ireland logos here.