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The Tax Profession: Tax Avoidance and the Public Interest

"Ireland is noted for its international and domestic tax arrangements. Initial criticisms of tax avoidance focussed on tax payers but scrutiny is now moving towards the tax profession and its role in devising and promoting these schemes. The ‘public interest’ debate is one which the tax profession can no longer ignore and the project will examine the profession’s response to this debate". 

- Dr. Bríd Murphy - Dublin City University 

The expected completion date for this research project is Spring 2017.


 Brid Murphy completed a BA in Commerce in University College Cork and  a MA in Accounting in University College Dublin. She qualified as a  Chartered Accountant in 1997 and worked as an accounting practitioner in  Ireland and overseas prior to joining the Business School in Dublin City  University in 2002. She completed her PhD at Sheffield Hallam University  in 2014. Her research interests involve professional competence, professional  accounting education, professional and organisational ethics.

Ann Marie Bennett qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 1993 and holds a BA in Commerce from University College Dublin and a MA in Ethics from Dublin City University. She worked for several years as an accountant in both the public and private sector and as Procurement Manager in a semi-state organization in Ireland.  Ann Marie joined the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting in Maynooth University in 2013. Her research and professional interests primarily rest in business ethics and ethical issues for the professions.