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Determinants of SME Growth in Ireland: How to identify and support them?

"This study will provide empirical evidence of what determines growth in SMEs in Ireland. More importantly, for those firms that have not grown to their potential, this study will provide insight into the specific issues that are constraining growth and the specific supports that are required to overcome these barriers. As such, the research will provide the accountancy profession and policy makers with a deeper understanding of the key characteristics of growing SMEs. Armed with this insight, policies and supports can be tailored to fit the specific needs of SME in order for them to grow their business."

- Dr Breda Kenny, Cork Institute of Technology

Click here to access this report. This is an executive summary of the paper - should you wish to obtain a copy of the full academic paper please contact CPA to request this.


Dr Breda Kenny, Cork Institute of Technology

Breda Kenny Cork Institute of TechnologyBreda has over 17 years lecturing and research experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, international business and management and has been published in a variety of journals. Breda obtained her PhD from the University of Limerick. The area of her doctoral work focused on networking capability and the international performance of High Tech SMEs. At a European level, Breda is a member of the board of directors of the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) with responsibility for research and industry engagement. Nationally, Breda is a member of the Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship (ACE) Initiative, which, in collaboration with other Higher Education Institutions, aims to create entrepreneurial graduates. Breda has extensive industry experience and is also co-founder and director of Surecom NS Ltd.