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Institute News

13 Apr

Diploma in US GAAP

Get ahead of your peers and increase your employment prospects by completing the CPA Ireland Skillnet Diploma in US GAAP. 



Current statistics, from the Central Statistics Office show that Ireland’s trade with the United States amounts to 23 percent of exports and 12 percent of imports. Many Irish Accountants rely on this trade for current and future employment. 

At the moment there is a shortage of Accountants with knowledge of US GAAP in Ireland and it has been identified as a barrier to employment by many CPA members who find it listed as a requirement in job descriptions.


Learning Outcomes

1)            Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of US GAAP

2)            Apply US GAAP to financial statements

3)            Apply the Concepts and pervasive principles of US GAAP to accounting transaction problems.

4)            Recognise and measure assets and liabilities as per US GAAP

5)            Identify disclosure requirements as per US GAAP

6)            Prepare a full set of financial statements as per US GAAP

7)            Reconcile IFRS financial statements to US GAAP and explain differences


Dr Wayne Bartlett CPA

Wayne Bartlett CPA, is an experienced public financial management specialist with experience of working in over thirty countries. He is heavily involved in CPA Ireland’s IPSAS work chairing the CPA Ireland IPSAS advisory board as well as being lead author on the ipsasacademy.net developed with CPA Ireland and Nelson Croom.

Key Details 
Location Options 

CPD Credit: 40 Hours
Cost: €895

Training Schedule 

Date  Time Hours 
Session 1 Full Day       6th May        9am - 4pm      
Session 2 Full Day 7th May 9am - 4pm 
Session 3 part 1 Recording      3
Session 3 part 2 Evening  11th May  6pm - 9pm 3
Session 4 part 1 Recording     3
Session 4 part 2 Evening 18th May  6pm - 9pm
Session 5 Full Day 27th May 9am - 4pm
Session 6 Full Day 28th May  9am - 4pm 
Assessment        4
Total Hours         40