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Entrepreneurship Reports


CPA Ireland is delighted to take this opportunity to showcase the social enterprise sector in this report, a sector that has the potential to create up to 40,000 jobs and contribute €2billion to the economy. 

Social Enterprise is not a new phenomenon in Ireland and has operated successfully here for many decades; the credit union movement and the housing and agricultural cooperatives are examples. And although prevalent in Irish policy discourse since the 1990s, and as highlighted by many of the contributors to this report, there is still no nationally agreed definition of, or specific legal identity for, social enterprises in Ireland. 

The most recent definition of a Social Enterprise by Forfás describes a social enterprise as ‘an enterprise that trades for a social/ societal purpose, where at least part of its income is earned from its trading activity, is separate from government, and where the surplus is primarily reinvested in the social objective’. (Forfás (2013) Social Enterprise in Ireland: Sectoral Opportunities and Policy Issues, Forfás, Dublin.) 

This report brings together contributions from some of the leading experts in this sector, both nationally and internationally, in an effort to highlight the importance and the benefits of Social Enterprise to the Irish economy. CPA Ireland, hope that this report will contribute to keeping this sector at the forefront of political discourse.  We are very grateful to all the contributors, many of whom work tirelessly to change the landscape for this sector in Ireland. The case studies in this report highlight the innovative solutions being applied to social and ethical problems using a social enterprise model.

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CPA Entrepreneurship Report II 2012

The CPA Ireland Entrepreneurship Report for 2012 was produced as a follow-up to the original report in 2010, to see how entrepreneurship is faring in Ireland two years on.

Recommendations from the 2010 report have been implemented since, but there are still challenges facing businesses in Ireland today. These include difficulties such as access to credit, cash flow and competing in a market dominated by multinational companies. However the report also revealed a much more positive attitude among business owners and entrepreneurs, possibly indicating that the end of the economic downturn may be in sight.

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CPA Entrepreneurship Report I 2010

The CPA Ireland Entrepreneurship Report was first released in 2010 to provide an insight into the state of entrepreneurship in Ireland. In preparing that first report we spoke to entrepreneurs, industry representatives, state bodies, the banks, and our own members to obtain a snapshot of the landscape for enterprise in the country at the time.

The report highlighted the challenges facing entrepreneurs, including the economic downturn, the availability of credit and dealing with State bureaucracy. The report presented recommendations for actions the Government could take to improve these conditions and a number have become a reality. These include the recent introduction of the loan guarantee scheme, the excellent work which has been done in relation to the simplification of employment and industrial relations machinery, and the greater clarity which has been brought to the bank credit situation.

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