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Employer Feedback

Providing feedback as an CPA Approved Employer is an important part of training professional accountants and should provide constructive and effective feedback to further your trainee's learning and development.

By providing constructive feedback, the trainee improves performance, relationships and increases motivation. The feedback process should be an open and learning environment where the mentor and trainee’s share ideas and discuss past performance and how to improve performance. The mentor should communicate clearly the feedback using the right terminology. The mentor should provide objective feedback based on performance, observations and facts.

The mentor should begin by providing positive feedback to reinforce and encourage the same behaviour. When discussing under-performance, the mentor should emphasise what the trainee might do differently in the future to deliver an even better performance and discuss what opportunities are available to improve future performance. The mentor should recognise achievements. Ensure that all information discussed remains confidential between the mentor and trainee.

Employer Feedback