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Conducting an Appraisal Review

Performance Appraisals are undertaken to review and improve trainee’s performance. Trainees should be regularly appraised, ideally quarterly but at least annually with their learning and development needs re-assessed. 

At the review, the mentor should discuss the trainee’s progress, provide feedback and work out a training & development plan to improve future performance. As well as the trainee’s technical ability, the mentor should also review the behavioural attributes displayed by the trainee when undertaking business activities.

The mentor should be skilled in the following areas before undertaking the appraisal :Conducting a Performance Appraisal

  • How to mentor and coach.
  • How to monitor and evaluate performance.
  • How to use the information obtained to improve performance.
  • How to develop performance development plans.


Preparation for the Appraisal

  • Communicate with the trainee in advance of the appraisal and agree on a specific time and date for the review.
  • Conduct the appraisal review in a meeting room to prevent interruptions.
  • Ensure adequate time is available to undertake the appraisal review.
  • Provide a friendly atmosphere for the trainee, which allows them to contribute.
  • Encourage the trainee to provide their own feedback and self-assessment.

What to discuss at the Appraisal Review

  • State the purpose and objective of the Appraisal Review.
  • Discuss the trainee’s role, responsibilities and Key Performance 
  • Indicators. Provide positive and critical feedback on the trainee’s performance and progress
  • Discuss the trainee’s examination performance and progress through the examination stages.
  • Discuss the level of the trainee’s technical expertise (Financial Accounting, Auditing & Statutory Compliance, Taxation, Information & Financial Systems, Corporate Planning, Control & Treasury Management, General Management) displayed in their performance.
  • Discuss the behavioural attributes (Professionalism & Personal Ethical Standards, Sensitivity to Business Needs and Inter-Personal Effectiveness) displayed by the trainee when undertaking business activities.
  • Focus objectively on performance, development and improvement using positive reinforcement. 
  • Agree a training and development plan and arrange the next review period.

Further Information