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A Guide to Launching A Business

Presented by Dr. Jeff Cornwall, Professor of Entrepreneurship 

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Course Overview

Successful entrepreneurs understand that entrepreneurship is a process that can be learned and improved upon with experience.  Developed in conjunction with The Entrepreneurial Mind, this course provides a series of lessons that can guide aspiring entrepreneurs, and those professionals who work with them, through the steps that will greatly increase their chances for successfully turning their idea into a successful business. This course can be used as a step by step manual to walk an entrepreneur through the process of launching a venture.

Key Course Information

Start Date: Course valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
Location: Online.
CPD Credit: 2 hours
Cost: €60

Course Objectives

  • Learn what entrepreneurship is and who are typical entrepreneurs
  • Understand how opportunities for new businesses arise in the market and how to spot them
  • Learn how to assess the difference between an idea and a real business opportunity.
  • Learn how to build a business model, how to test it, and how to adapt it to what the market really wants
  • Understand what business plans are used for and how to construct a winning plan
  • Gain a realistic understanding of what methods of financing make sense for your business

Course Content

Lesson 1:  Course Introductions
Lesson 2:  Who is the Typical Entrepreneur? 
Lesson 3:  The Life Cycle of a Business
Lesson 4:  The Process from Idea to Launch 
Lesson 5:   Entrepreneurial Thinking – A Different View of Risk 
Lesson 6:   Change and Chaos – The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend 
Lesson 7:   Avoid the Temptation to be Impulsive – Follow the Three M’s
Lesson 8:  Market Feasibility 
Lesson 9:  Financial Feasibility 
Lesson 10:
Personal Feasibility  
Lesson 11:  What is a Business Model? 
Lesson 12: Business Model: The Lean Canvas 
Lesson 13: Customer Discovery  
Lesson 14: The Power of the Pivot 
Lesson 15: The Business Model Canvas 
Lesson 16: Business Plans and Business Planning 
Lesson 17: Financial Forecasting 
Lesson 18:  Realistic Funding Opportunities 
Lesson 19:  Bootstrapping
Lesson 20:  Outside Funding 
Lesson 21: The Pitch 
Lesson 22: Conclusion 

Dr. Jeff Cornwall

Dr. Jeff Cornwall is the Jack C. Massey Chair in Entrepreneurship and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Cornwall has spent more than forty years as a serial entrepreneur and teacher of entrepreneurs. In the 1970’s he started several small businesses and was involved in various family ventures. In the late 1980’s, following several years in academics, Dr. Cornwall co-founded Atlantic Behavioral Health Systems in Raleigh, NC and spent nearly a decade leading the company as President/CEO. Dr. Cornwall remains active as an entrepreneur with the digital content venture he co-founded in 2014, Entrepreneurial Mind, LLC. In his academic career, Dr. Cornwall has received national awards for his work in curriculum development and teaching. In 2013 the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship named Dr. Cornwall the National Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year. He has authored nine books and numerous articles on entrepreneurship.


Book your place now and complete in your own time. Please note you will be redirected to an external website.