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CPD Webinars FAQs

How do I purchase a CPD Webinar?

To purchase a CPD Webinar please visit the CPD Courses section of our website. You can either search for your chosen event in the CPD Courses section.Once you have found your chosen event please select ‘Buy Now’ and follow the instructions online.When payment for this course has been processed by the Institute you will receive an email with registration information, joining instructions, conference call information and CPD Webinar FAQ’s. ** Please remember if you are a CPA Member you must be logged in to avail of the CPA Member rate. 

What do I need to participate in a CPD Webinar?

You will need a PC and internet connection. You can listen to the CPD Webinar direct from the speakers on your PC. 
If you wish to join the CPD Webinar by conference call you will also need a telephone. 
If you wish to ask questions you can do so by typing your questions through ‘text chat’. 

How do I join a CPD Webinar?

Once you purchase your chosen CPD Webinar you will receive an email with registration information. The first step in joining the CPD Webinar is to register.
Following registration you will receive an email with confirmation of your registration, joining instructions containing a web link, conference call information and CPD Webinar FAQ’s. Simply click this web link and follow the instructions to join the CPD Webinar. 
Please note you will not be able to join the webinar until the specified date and time, as per your confirmation email. 

I have joined the CPD Webinar, what do all the sections, buttons and icons mean?

When you join the CPD Webinar you will see the following:


  • Top left hand side – Presenter section – a picture of the presenter
  • Bottom left hand side - Attendees section – this will list all attendees at the CPD Webinar. Beside the word Feedback you will see a drop down box. This tool enables you to interact directly with the presenter. Simply click on the most suitable heading to indicate to the presenter if you are fine, have a question, you want them to slow down or speed up, if your answer is yes or no or if you agree or disagree. 
  • Main window – this is where the presenter will share their slides and or notes with you. 
  • Bottom of screen – Text Chat – this is where you can type questions and send them directly to the presenter. 

For further information about participating in the CPD Webinar and using the various tools during the live CPD Webinar select ‘Help’ and ‘Participant Online Help’.

What time can I join the webinar?

Please see the confirmation email for the date and start time of the webinar.
Will I be able to listen to the presenter?
You can listen to the presenter direct from your PC speakers. 
Alternatively if you have opted to also join the webinar by conference call you can listen via your telephone. 

Will I be able to ask questions?

You can ask questions through the ‘text chat’. Simply type your question in the ‘text chat’ box and click send. 

How will I see the slides from the presenter?

The slides are shown live on-screen during the CPD Webinar. A copy of the slides is also emailed to all participants before the event. 

How do I know if my PC / system will allow me to access the CPD Webinar?

Once you have successfully purchased and registered for the CPD Webinar a confirmation email with joining instructions is sent to you. This email also includes a web link to a ‘System Test’ which enables you to check if your PC meets all the requirements necessary to participate in the CPD Webinar.
It is advised that you run this System Test in advance of joining the CPD Webinar. 

What happens if I can’t attend the live webinar?

All our CPD Webinars are recorded and can be purchased after the event through the CPD Courses section of our website. Course notes are also sent to you. 
If you have purchased the CPD Webinar and can no longer attend please review our CPD “Booking Terms & Conditions”. 

What if some of my other team members want to join the CPD Webinar?

Your team members are welcome to join the CPD Webinar. However, to join they must purchase the CPD Webinar in advance of the event.
If they simply watch the CPD Webinar from your screen they will not receive any CPD hours.

Are CPD Webinars CPD accredited?

Live CPD Webinars: If you attend a live CPD Webinar the hours awarded to you will be structured CPD. 100% of your CPD hours can be achieved by attending live CPD Webinars. 
Recorded CPD Webinars: If you purchase and view a recorded CPD Webinar the hours awarded to you will be unstructured CPD.