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CPD Information

All CPA Members, both in Practice and in Business, are required to complete a number CPD hours each year. Requirements for each are set out below.

Members in Business

Members not in Practice and not working in Professional Offices are expected to complete a total of 120 hours CPD over a 3 year CPD cycle  of which 60 hours are Structured CPD and 60 hours Unstructured CPD. 

The minimum requirement is 20 hours in a year, of which 10 hours have to be structured training

Members in Practice

Members in Practice and Members working in Professional Offices are required to complete 120 hours over a 3 year CPD cycle of which 75 hours are Structured and 45 hours are Unstructured CPD.

Minimum in any one year:  30 hours, of which 15 hours have to be structured training.

CPD Guidelines 2017 - 2019

CPD Guidelines 2017-2019.

Core Competency

Core competency requirement for members holding a Practising Certificate: 40 structured CPD hours from any combination of the six core competencies over a 3 year cycle.

Why do I have to make a CPD Annual Return?

Institute members are required to make an Annual CPD Return in by the 31st January of each year, in accordance with Institute Bye-Laws.

This Return details CPD activity for the preceding year.  The CPD Return Form is now an online process and has been re-formatted to provide members with information on CPD courses completed with the Institute.  Courses completed with external bodies should be detailed on the online form and submitted as part of the CPD return for the preceeding year.


How do I make my CPD Annual Return? 

To make your annual return please go to www.cpaireland.ie and log in with your user name which is your member number. This will prompt you for your password.

If you have forgotten your password please click on the "password reminder" link on the login page and it will be emailed to the email address we have on file for you.

Please note that Employment Details must be updated before the CPD Return can be made. To update your employment details please go to My CPA Profile, select the Employment History tab and add your employment details (If your employer organisation does not exist please add it by clicking on the Add New button).

To make your annual CPD Return click on Step 2: Submit your CPD Return, and then click the Add New CPD Return button. It will create Return for the year you want to submit and you will be able to see all the courses you have done with CPA. To add non CPA courses you need to fill in the following:

  1. Course name
  2. Course date
  3. Hours
  4. Course provider
  5. Category
  6. Course Type

Please note that any CPD courses you have attended, including Webinars, with CPA Ireland should show on your CPD return automatically. If they don't show, please do not add them yourself and contact the Institute on CPD@cpaireland.ie to have this amended.

For your unstructured CPD hours, you need to fill in the activity and the hours associated to that activity.

CPD Accreditation of Programmes and courses

Programmes that qualify for structured CPD accreditation

Programmes involving class attendance 

On-line, CD-rom, video, DVD and audio courses 

Other activities that qualify for structured CPD


Service on technical committees/panels

Occupational or industry change

Responsibility for major corporate changes

Definition of a CPD 'Hour'

Each completed period of 50 minutes’ attendance at an accredited course will count as one hour (e.g. a total of 400 minutes = 8 hours); Attendance at an accredited course for less than 50 minutes will not be counted.

Attendance at a normal one day course will be counted as eight hours.

Attendance at a normal half-day course will be counted as four hours.

Terms & Conditions

Please click here to view CPD terms and conditions.


If you have any queries on above, please contact Jenny Andersson on jandersson@cpaireland.ie