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Online Diploma in IFRS

CPA Ireland is delighted to launch its online Diploma in IFRS with the IFRSacademy.net, providing participants with an in-depth knowledge of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Academic oversight of the Diploma by Professor Robert Kirk and authored by Dr. Wayne Bartlett completing this Diploma will enable you to:

  • Understand and apply IFRS standards
  • Implement the standards within your organisation
  • Provide the best practical advice on the application of the standards
  • Create and interpret financial statements compliant with the standards

Academic oversight from Financial Reporting expert Professor Robert Kirk and authored by Dr. Wayne Bartlett.

Costing €550 (ex. VAT) with 70 CPD hours of fully interactive online study, together with exercises, scenarios, action plans and self-study assignments make the CPA Diploma in IFRS Financial Reporting the most engaging and learner friendly programme available.

Social features enable you to share and learn from other learners as well as the experts, so you feel supported along the way.

Each of the 9 modules has an assessment so you can monitor your progress and know how you are doing before you get to the final assessment.

online modules and accompanying assessments build towards completion of this prestigious certificate, fully accredited Diploma by the CPA Ireland.

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