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Career Spot

Top 5 skills accountants need to develop to kick-start their careers for the New Year

Career Spot | Jan 04, 2017

Accountants play a major part in any organisation, by tracking company’s financial activities to identify any potential challenges and to plan in the most effective way for the future. But what are the necessary skills an accountant needs to develop to be well prepared for the demands of today’s marketplace?

1.       Analytical skills

Analytical skills allow you to develop the capacity to collect, visualise and analyse the data and the potential effects of a problem or situation using different approaches to make decisions in the most effective way. These skills are one of the most important and valuable in any organisation.

2.       Strategic thinking skills

Strategic thinking is the ability to create an effective action plan to solve complex problems and to be able to look beyond the simple numbers to achieve a company’s objectives.

3.       Good communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively in the workplace is one of the most critical skills for everyone and helps you to build relationships with internal and external stakeholders of the organisation. It also leads to better performance, teamwork and productivity.

4.       Numerical skills

Numerical skills are fundamental not also for understanding and categorising the numerical information, but also to be able to identify and understand trends in order to make the right decisions for a business.

5.       Leadership skills

 A good accountant has a proactive attitude by leading an organisation in an effective way and understanding the needs and priorities of each stakeholders by seeing opportunities and identifying potential threats in order to take actions.


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